Elizabeth de Béthune Fine Art
Boulders on HilltopView Through TreesLakeshore BouldersRock and Fallen Tree by LakeGranite OutcroppingBoulder Field DownslopeBoulder Field UpslopeRhododendron Bush and Tree by LakeTrees and LakeStudy of Brush by ShoreRock Field StudyGunks EdgeGunks CliffWetlandsGeranium PlanterWader Hallock's BayGert's HouseGrey HudsonVega Mountain ChairsPotted Bay PlantChysanthemums in Flower BoxLemonsFour Pears in a ContainerFour Peaches in A ContainerHostess Yellow CupcakesCherries ICherries IIOnion and Garlictwo cabbages
Summer paintings 2010
Landscape and still-life paintings made plein air during the summer of 2010. Working with oils again and really enjoying it. Thinking very much about the act of observing carefully, and how time changes that which we perceive as we are looking at it. Many of these paintings were made in Harriman State Park, an oasis in Rockland County for us city folk.