Elizabeth de Béthune Fine Art
Bubbles' SoloSummer Night Rhythms with Trumpet VineLate Afternoon Haze with Nicotania, Yarrow, Mint and AngelicaMoonlight Garden DanceA Green Evening with Young Grape VinesNight Scents with Tiger Lily, Bergamot, Rudbeckia and YarrowAtmosphere and Elements I: Summer Garden Bouquet with Salvia
Atmosphere and Elements: Monotype Murals
These images are all comprised of monotype prints that have been seamed into mural size sheets and worked over. They celebrate the heady magic of gardens atmospheres.
The original images began with collograph prints of flowers printed in a Norwalk Center for Contemporary Printmaking workshop with Master Printer Sarah Amos in the summer of 2006. These prints were then monotype printed over, in series of three, using various stencil forms until they developed a rich and playful surface. Each series was seamed together to create a large sheet (typically @ 22” x 52”), which was then worked over with pastel, gouache, and watercolor, suppressing or emphasizing shapes.
These images create a pictorially dense space which dances between depth and surface, creating the visual tension and unpredictability of heavy atmosphere in various types of light. Elements such as circles, spheres, plant flowers, birds and insects move backwards and forward in this atmospheric soup. I have drawn and painted specific plants from my household's garden across each mural sized field.