Elizabeth de Béthune Fine Art
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Alternated Planes
These images use the collage process to create imagined situations that are based on drawings and paintings of actual events done from observation and on location. The collage process creates spatial readings which are then interrupted by elements recalling the viewer to the actual flatness of the picture plane.

The movement between spatial readings and disparate collage elements replicates the act of association triggered by the combination of sight and memory that creates meaning out of what we see. In these constructed works, I thinking about the moments before perception may be come fixed as meaning; when the mind ranges between possible interpretations; when there is movement between one reality and another just as there may be a movement between an illusionistic representation of space, and the flat and formal elements themselves that make up any two-dimensional image.

Many of these images are monotype prints which allows me to create multi-layered prints using multiple plates.