Portfolio > Portraits in Frames and Other Pictures of People 2008-2014

mixed materials, acrylic, pastel ,collage, musicians, cello, duet, painterly
Kate and Nick Play Cello 2003
Acrylic, pastel, gouache, collage on paper mounted on canvas
36" x 36"

One of a series of images of the cellists in my family. Built on a heavily gessoed and collaged field, this is a painting of two musicians in my family. It pays tribute to their musicmanship while exploring color, mark and the play of figure and ground. I like the tension between some of the "easter egg" colors and their serious expressions.
It employs a more painterly manner of execution. It originated as a painting on paper during my summer at Skidmore, but once I started the portraits in border series, I decide to give it a home there, and mounted it on canvas. As an early part of this series, the border is more more subdued. But the push-pull of figure-ground shifts is evident in the painterly aspects of the work.