Portfolio > Portraits in Frames and Other Pictures of People 2008-2014

collage, mixed materials, musicians
Kate and Nick Play Cello 2008
Acrylic, pastel, gouache, colored pencil, collage on montype print paper mounted on canvas
24" x 36"

Another image of my musical family members in the midst of a cello duo. A piece that has evolved. It began as a monotype field seamed together, which I started to draw upon, and eventually the painting developed out of it. The heavy texture of the base informs the painted surface, which is also enhanced by drawing elements. Its final incarnation included being mounted on canvas.

I include it in this portraits with borders series, even though it does not have a border, it is a fairly large scale portrait, and, although it happens in a different way, the heavily textured surface creates a kind of figure ground movement that presages the borders and patterning.