Elizabeth de Béthune Fine Art

I make pictures with paint, drawing materials, printing processes and collage. My pictures making usually involves creating a representation of something—a person, place or thing. But from there, what I do with the image may vary.

Sometimes I am content with pure illusionism. There is something wonderfully compelling about the puzzle of representation, the satisfaction of creating that feeling of dimension, of the equivalent of what is seen and felt, that I deeply enjoy.

But I also love to play with the reading of space and surface, to flatten out, abstract, and otherwise alter spatial illusion. I take a lot of inspiration from early modernist experiments with figure/ground and picture plane reading from the post-impressionists to the cubists, and graphic arts from the fin de siècle to the 1960s. I love collage as both a picture building device and an interruption of illusion.

I have been making pictures since before I can remember; my earliest memories are of drawing on the backs of the lab notes my father gave his chemistry students. As one of ten children, I was treated to an endless supply of paper and pencils, and my siblings and I drew our way through our childhood. The power of telling a story through drawing remains magical for me.

I’ve studied painting drawing and print-making, both in college and as a graduate student, but worked consistently over the years to acquire new ideas also through various residencies, workshops and classes. Since I work episodically, I often create serially distinct bodies of work. Although they may vary quite a bit, there are threads of continuity.