People > People Looking at Art Paintings 2017-2019

Between 2015-2018, I engaged in an ongoing project of making drawings from photographs I took of people looking at art in museums. These mostly reference the Whitney, MoMA and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In addition to being fascinated by the relationship between the choreography of figures in space and mark-making on a page, I was captivated by the way that these bodies interact with the iconic art in those spaces. I looked for the graphic tension of the form/flatness, and drew pleasure from the process of looking for a visual language to represent the art work the the bodies are contextualized by.

In the summer of 2017, I worked on a series of paintings based upon these drawings.These paintings are developed from several images sources and are mostly built on top of collaged printed material (magazines and newspapers) meant to indicate the cultural noise that the experience of looking art exists in.